News Journalist Quits Job O.o

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2011 at 1:01 pm

What the Fruitcake?!

I had no idea that even in Canada, the bastion of freedom north of the US borders, was as bad as the US.

Here a news journalist explains why he quit his job, what he thinks will be next and sparks the conversation that I think also needs to be had across the whole world.  Yes, even in my little home country full of hobbits and elves some of this stuff does in fact apply, in my honest opinion.

Kai Nagata, I am so impressed by what you have said and what you have done in quitting your job.  You are chocolaty fruitcaking awesomeness and I hope that you find yourself in a position where you can go back to news journalism and actually say what you really wish to say because I can tell you one thing, I am not the only centrist young person who thinks the same way you do about fiscal conservatism and social, I guess the word is non-conformism (?).  I don’t know but stumbling upon your blog as a post from a friend of mine on facebook has been the highlight of my day so far.

Chocolate gateau awesomeness found here people.

Go fruitcaking read it!


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